Resources For, and About, Carers


Carers have many information needs and also may require assistance with many practical issues. There are many resources that can be suggested.

Legal and financial resources for carers

  • Advance care planning
    Advance Care Planning Australia is an Australian model for advance care planning. Information is organised on a state basis.
  • Power of Attorney has a section on estate planning including durable power of attorney.
  • Financial Assistance 
    The Australian Government Services Australia website provides information, benefits and payments for carers who meet eligibility criteria. Some carer payments continue short-term after the death of the care recipient, also some carer payments can be maintained during employment. Specialist staff are also available for counselling and assistance. Centerlink has recognised same-sex relationships from 1 July 2009.
  • Funerals
    Carers may have little experience planning and organsiing a funeral or even about notifying organisations of a person’s death. Services Australia has useful information on what to do and who to contact after a death. Recent changes in several Australian states’ legislations aim to protect consumers at the vulnerable time of arranging a funeral. The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading has produced a resource to guide those people who are arranging and paying for a funeral.


Information and support for carers

Research and literature resources on carers and caregiving

Last updated 15 May 2020