Children and Grief and Loss

Children grieve in a different way from adults. Grief will affect each child or teenager differently. Their behaviour may change; they may need support or someone to talk to. Each of them will take in information in different ways. This will depend on the child or teenager. It will depend on their age, and their emotional maturity and how they are told of the death. It will also depend on who has died, how they died, and the child’s relationship with them. A child or teenager's reaction to the news can help to determine how they will go forward.

There are resources that can help support children and teenagers in their grief. These could be for parents, teachers, carers and families. Older children are quite often carers to a close family member. There are specific supports available for young carers.


The following resources are from Australia and overseas.


For Children
  • A Carers Australia website for Young carers
  • Information for teenagers about grief and loss is available on the Reach Out website
  • CANTEEN is an Australian Organisation for young people living with Cancer. They have a network of members aged 12-24 and include bereaved siblings and offspring groups – young people who had an immediate family member who has died from cancer. They offer a wide range of camps and programs
  • The compassionate friend’s website (Victoria) has a website 'A sibling's experience'
  • There is information available from the Kids Health website (US) for parents on death and grief and for kids on when somebody dies.
Supporting Children

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Last updated 14 January 2021