Rural and Remote

If you live in a rural or remote area, you may find it difficult to find specialist palliative care. In country areas palliative care will usually be offered by your GP. They will work with local community health services. This may include the community nurses, hospital service or volunteers. You can also get some practical help. These health professionals will commonly have access to specialist palliative care. This will often be by phone or email.

You may sometimes feel lonely and isolated. It is then easy to become depressed. It is important that you talk to a health professional about this. You should also try to keep linked into social activities. Keep in touch with family and friends where possible.

Distance in rural areas is often an issue, especially if you are ill. You may find it difficult to get to health appointments. Each state and territory has a patient transport scheme that you may be able to access.

You will probably know many people in your local community. Sometimes this can be hard if everyone knows what is happening. Friends, family and neighbours can be a great support for you though.

Last updated 16 April 2018