Family Carer Coordinating Role

If you are caring for someone who is ill, you are often a key person in their life. You may help with care in the home, watch out for symptoms or give medications. You may also be the point of contact for other family members, work colleagues and friends. You may also often act on behalf of the patient, talking with health professionals.

You may feel comfortable in this role. You may feel that what you are doing is valued. You may also feel differently about the caring role. You may have put your life on hold and feel that you are not recognised for what you are doing. You may feel that some days are good and others aren’t.

You may have fallen into this role with no training or guidance. Health professionals and some family members may have expected you to take this on. You may not have much help around the house and find it difficult to cope with what is needed. This can be a lot to take on, both practically and emotionally.

You are a vital part of the healthcare team. Valuing what you do and providing you with support should be a priority for health professionals. You may have been in the caring role before their involvement.


Fact Sheets

  • Carers NSW has a series of Brochures that provide useful information for carers.

Last updated 09 July 2019