Getting Practical Help

If you are caring for a person at home, you may need some equipment and other materials. This can help make the person who is ill feel more comfortable. It can also help you to care more safely. It is important for you to keep talking with the health professionals. You can talk to them about what practical help is useful and available as needs change.

Services differ between states and territories and between regions. A wide variety of help may be available to you. This could be from local councils or from local hospitals. There are also community or health centres, Cancer Councils and local voluntary bodies. This help can include:

  • loaning you equipment and other practical items
  • providing home help or help with gardening or shopping
  • giving help and advice on diet and food
  • Nursing help with physical care.

There are aids and equipment that can help people to maintain independence. This could be to help at home and on outings. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists may be able to help and advise you. They may be able to arrange for you to have equipment. There is likely to be a cost for this. Ask your local health professional if this becomes difficult.



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Last updated 02 September 2019