Managing Daily Life

Caring for someone who is seriously ill can be demanding. You may find it satisfying or you may find it challenging. Sometimes it can be both.

You may find it a physical and emotional strain to run a household. This may mean shopping, cooking and cleaning while also caring for someone. You may feel tired and overwhelmed. You can ask your health professional about respite services which can help you to take a break. They can work with you to help this happen.

Your family, friends or neighbours often want to help. You may develop a system to help you cope with everything. This can include shopping, laundry, housework or gardening. You may get some services through your local council. Some palliative care services have volunteers who can help.

Ask health professionals for advice. This could be about how to:

  • physically care for someone who is very ill
  • balance your carer role with other responsibilities
  • maintain a social life
  • keep physically and emotionally well.



Last updated 27 November 2017