Who is a Carer?

Carers look after someone who is ill. The caring role may take on many forms. You may share it with someone else.
You may be a friend, neighbour, extended family, spouse, sibling, child or parent. You may not think of yourself as a ‘carer’. Caring may not be something that you thought you would ever have to take on. You may take it on willingly, or it may be more of an obligation. Some people just can’t do it at all. It is ok to say no.

There will be different expectations of you as a carer. For example:

  • The expectations of health professionals and/or family that you will take on the role
  • your own expectations of what you can and cannot manage
  • the expectations of the person you are caring for.
Caring for the person who is ill may not be your only responsibility:
  • You may have to go to work
  • you may have to take care of other family members
  • you may have young children
  • you may have your own health issues.
If you cannot take on the carer role you can contribute in other ways. You can choose how you are able to help.


Fact Sheets

  • Carers NSW has a series of Brochures that provide useful information for carers.


Last updated 25 March 2019