Communicating with Health Professionals

When you are ill you need to talk with health professionals. Talking openly is important. It will help you to understand what is happening. It will help with your concerns. It might be helpful to tell health professionals that you have a carer that looks after you. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

You may find that there are many health professionals involved in caring for you. This can mean having many conversations about your medical condition. This can be difficult for you if health professionals have different opinions. Ask if you can talk to just one or two professionals. This will help to avoid repeating things. It may also help to reduce any confusion.

You may not want certain people to be aware of what is happening. Let health professionals know who they can and can't share your information with.

One or two people in your family might know your health information. They should share it when appropriate.

Different people communicate in different ways. Older people and younger people communicate differently. In your culture, one of your family may act as your representative. Tell a health professional if someone is to act on your behalf. Make sure that what is happening is what you wish to happen.


Fact Sheets

  • Carers NSW has a series of Brochures that provide useful information for carers.

Last updated 01 December 2017