You need to decide what happens to your property after your death. This can include money, vehicles, property or shares. It could include insurance policies, personal effects and so on. This means that you need to make a Will. Without a Will a court may need to decide who benefits.

You can write your own Will to save costs. Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits are widely available. You will need to get it checked properly though. The Public Trustee can help with your will. A solicitor or lawyer can also help. It is important to find out about their charges first.

It is important not to leave making your Will too late. Your health may deteriorate rapidly or unexpectedly. In order to make a Will you need to have sound mind, memory and understanding. In the last stages of an illness this can sometimes fluctuate and this means that you have to act early.

You need to talk to your family about making a Will. This may be a difficult conversation but it is important to do it. Let family and friends (or a designated person) know where your Will is. If it cannot be found it has no value.



Last updated 24 January 2017