The Role of Specialist Palliative Care

Palliative care teams work with other health professionals. This includes those working in cancer, mental health, neurology, cardiac and renal services. They also work with those providing care in the community. Some of these health teams have training in palliative care.

You may or may not need to see a specialist palliative care team. You may or may not need to go to a hospice. You may only need to see specialist palliative care occasionally. This may be to deal with specific problems or circumstances.

It is helpful if you are referred to palliative care early. This is especially true if you have a number of health issues.

Palliative care can be given at home, or in a residential aged care facility. It can be given by your GP, practice nurse, and / or community nurse. Palliative care may also be given by palliative care nurses or doctors in some places. This is called specialist palliative care. You could be in a hospice or a palliative care ward in a hospital. You may move between these places as your medical and support needs change.

If you live in the country you may not have much access to specialist palliative care. Your GP and health service may be linked to a palliative care service in the city. They can seek specialist advice from them as needed.

  • Palliative Care Australia has information on What is Palliative Care? that includes the role of specialist palliative care. This information is also available in other languages.
Last updated 24 January 2017