Family Carer's Need For Information

If you are seriously ill or dying, family members will often care for you. They will want information about what is happening, which helps them to provide the best care. This need for information will change as your illness progresses.

Family members or carers often want to know what you have been told. This may or may not be possible. It depends on their relationship with you and they need to have your permission. There aren’t always easy answers.

This lack of information can make it hard for the carer to manage. It also can be stressful for them. Families often ask about practical things. This can include: how to care for someone at home; and managing the role of carer, and including looking after themselves. It can also be about giving you medication, managing finances and what to expect as time passes. They will eventually need to know how to recognise the changes associated with dying. They also need to know what to do after death and they may need more support as death approaches.