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Reflections of my time in Daw House

A guest blog post by Sharenne Codrington, ANUM, Laurel Hospice

  • 18 December 2017
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Reflections of my time in Daw House

I started out my career as an enrolled nurse and after a few short term positions spent 21 years at Ashford Hospital.  While I was there and aged about 33, my brother died after a short diagnosis of cancer at age 35 – way too young and with much still to give.  He spent a few weeks in Daw House hospice – my introduction to this facility and palliative care.  I was so inspired with the way care could be delivered and the compassion with which staff went about their work that I decided then and there that this was the way I wished to work going forward.  I learnt that, at that time, there was no hope of employment at Daw House for an enrolled nurse, so decided that I would study to become a registered nurse to realise my desire to work in this field. 

Reflections on Daw House

A guest blog post by Kate Swetenham, Service Director, Southern Adelaide Palliative Services, SA Health

  • 22 November 2017
  • Author: CareSearch
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Reflections on Daw House

I was appointed as the Clinical Nurse of Daw House in September 2002. I remember my first impressions of the place. As an outsider coming from a brand new hospital I found the aesthetic to be something that required a complete overhaul, but I was greeted by an enthusiastic nurse who said to me, “I know what you are thinking, this place is amazing!”
No, that is not what I was thinking. But I can tell you that within half an hour of commencing my first shift in Daw House I witnessed something that I thought health care had lost. I witnessed holistic patient care like I had never seen before.

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