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Caring for our own – the rewards and challenges of rural palliative care

A guest blog post from Dr Liz Hawkins, Senior Medical Officer, Atherton QLD

  • 16 November 2015
  • Author: CareSearch
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Caring for our own – the rewards and challenges of rural palliative care

Providing palliative care in rural settings brings unique rewards and challenges. While many aspects of the care that rural practitioners provide are similar to that of our urban colleagues, the nature of practice in small towns and rural settings dictates some significant differences. The likelihood of knowing our patients outside the professional sphere is greater, and we not infrequently find ourselves caring for friends, their families, and colleagues. Absence of direct access to specialist palliative care services mean that much of our patients’ end-of-life care is provided by generalists – GPs, hospital doctors, domiciliary nurses, rural and remote and hospital nursing staff. Geography and distance may require innovative solutions, reliance on telephone consultations, and sometimes admission to hospital earlier than would be the case in urban centres.

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