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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources

Natures New Beginning by Jessica Scobel 2007

Nature's New Beginning donated to Daw House by artist Jessica Schobel 2007.
"New life always begins again after loss.
The twenty-one little white flowers represent the days I spent in Daw House with my grandmother. This painting was inspired by the love and friendship which grew during that time."

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are a diverse group of peoples, made up of many different nations and language groups. We acknowledge that past policies have had very negative impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and also acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners and custodians of this land.

The Australian Indigenous people are strong, richly diverse peoples. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is a living culture, made up of both contemporary and traditional practices.

There is information on the CareSearch website that may be of relevance and interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and community, and to the health professionals who are looking after them. This collection of resources brings all of this information into one place, and is an interim solution to bring together commonly sought information.

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WARNING: This site may contain images of, or have references to, deceased people. There may also be words or descriptions that could be culturally sensitive. This could upset some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; however CareSearch wishes no disrespect or distress to users of the website.

All images are displayed with consent.


If you are concerned about anything in the website or if you feel that something is missing in these pages, please contact CareSearch.

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