Welcome to the Education section. The redevelopment of the Education section has been a collaborative project between the QUT Palliative Care Education and Training Collaborative and CareSearch. These pages will help all health professionals consider their educational needs and find learning options.

A Whole of Workforce Approach

logoThe Whole of Workforce Framework has been conceived and developed by the QUT Palliative Care Education and Training Collaborative.

About the Project

I am part of the health workforce and want to explore my learning options

Major Education Initiatives
Formal Qualifications
Short Courses and Workshops
Web Based Learning
Clinical Experiences

I am an educator or manager and I want to support learning in palliative care

Apply the Framework
Create and Design a Program or Activity
Develop Teaching and Learning Skills
Integrate Palliative Care into Formal Learning
Build Palliative Care Capacity in an Organisation

I am a volunteer / unpaid carer and I want to access community education

Community Education
eLearning for Carers
eLearning for Volunteers