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About the Palliative Care Search Filter

Why would I use the Palliative Care Search Filter?

You would use the Palliative Care Search Filter to restrict a literature search on PubMed to palliative care related articles. For example, a general topic search for dyspnoea would retrieve articles on breathlessness. If this was combined with the Palliative Care Search Filter, the results would be restricted to articles on breathlessness in palliative care.

How do I use the PubMed Palliative Care Search Filter?

All 60+ Palliative Care PubMed Searches include the search filter automatically when you choose one of the listed topics. Or, you can use these instructions to create your own PubMed Search. If you already know how to do this, you may wish to just run the Palliative Care Search Filter now.

How was the Palliative Care Search Filter developed?

Two research studies led to the development of the Palliative Care Search Filter. The results from these studies were published in two peer reviewed journals. [1,2] This research evidence, in combination with the expert opinion of a medical librarian and researcher, formed the basis of the Palliative Care Search Filter used in the CareSearch website. CareSearch Technical Notes also provide more in depth information about the search filter and how it is constructed.

How has it been used in CareSearch?

The Palliative Care Search Filter is used in several ways on CareSearch. First, those clinicians and researchers who write topic web pages use it in the literature searches they undertake as a basis for these pages. Second, expert PubMed Searches are provided, and these all incorporate the Palliative Care Search Filter. Finally, we offer the Palliative Care Search Filter above so it can be run by users and then combined with the subject of their choice.


  1. Sladek R, Tieman J, Fazekas BS, Abernathy AP, Currow DC. Development of a subject search filter to find information relevant to palliative care in the general medical literature. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006 Oct:94(4):394-401. 
  2. Sladek R, Tieman J. Applying evidence in the real world: a case study in library and information practice. Health Info Libr J. 2008 Dec;25(4):295-301.

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Last updated 12 June 2013