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Dying2Learn was an innovative online course developed by the CareSearch project. We ran the course four times, in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020. It aimed to help Australians feel more comfortable talking about death and dying. We did that by exploring different perspectives around death and dying in particular:

  • How we engage with death and dying, what language do we use and how do we remember people who have died,
  • Representations of death and dying in art, in books, in films and on TV,
  • What will we die of?  How will we die?  What is medicine doing about death?
  • Dying in a digital age and how do we use technology to find things, to share things and when grieving.

Building a new Hub

As part of the new CareSearch Portal we are introducing the Dying2Learn Hub. This will be released in August.

The D2L Hub will be a special place where you can:

  • explore different attitudes and practices around death and dying,
  • find practical and quirky digital resources, and
  • think about how views, perceptions and attitudes around death and dying affect ourselves, our community and our society.

You can be part of shaping the Hub. We are looking for people who are happy to respond to polls about things in the D2L Hub or who would be happy to review a page or pages in the new Hub.


While you are waiting for the new D2L Hub feel free to check out some of our current resources.



Dying2Learn 2020: A chance to talk about death and dying

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