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Caring for people with dementia: New resources released for National Palliative Care Week

Dementia is an irreversible, progressive neurological condition that is caused by a number of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. Over time, dementia leads to progressive memory loss and confusion, loss of independence, communication difficulties, behavioural changes, and eventually, death.

CareSearch palliative care knowledge network has developed a suite of free online resources that will benefit health professionals and residential aged care staff, plus the patients, residents, and their families who are affected by dementia. The resources, released as part of National Palliative Care Week, include:

  • A Dementia Search Filter: a tested and validated tool that improves clinician efficiency by providing a one-touch, quick and effective search of evidence-based dementia literature.
  • Clinical Evidence pages on dementia: a group of pages that summarise the state of the evidence in dementia, advising the key issues, limitations and contexts for practice; providing links to sources of clinical guidance and ways to find out more.
  • Residential Aged Care (RAC) Hub dementia pages: When dementia progresses, the care needs of a person with dementia change. This resource provides clear, easy-to-understand information on a special page for residents and families, and one for care workers too.

The dementia resources are now freely accessible for use through the CareSearch website, Australia’s free online palliative care knowledge network (

The dementia search filter was developed with funding provided by HammondCare as part of the Integrated Care Framework for Advanced Dementia (ICF-D), a project within Alzheimer’s Australia's National Quality Dementia Care Initiative.

CareSearch is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.