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    Death is part of life.
    Let's talk about it.


Birth and death - these are something we will all have to cope with. But when it comes to the latter, we seem reluctant to think about, talk about, and plan for it.

Dying2Learn is an online course that aims to enable Australians to be more comfortable talking about death and dying, understand what shapes our views and attitudes, and be confident when addressing issues that will affect us all at the end-of-life. 

This year, Dying2Learn will run from 5th October to 2nd November. The course is free and open to everyone in Australia. Enrolments for the 2020 Dying2Learn course are now closed.


What you will gain


  • Understanding of how people and society view death and dying
  • Insights from professionals, community representatives, and experts working in death related and support areas
  • Knowledge about key end-of-life issues
  • Access to interactive resources
  • Certificate of completion.

How it works


1. Register with Open Learning
2. Complete online enrolment form
3. Participate, share your views, and complete course tasks and surveys
4. Get your certificate of completion.

Our learning modules

Dying2Learn will run for five weeks and cover the topics:

  • How we engage with death and dying (week 1)
  • Representations of death and dying (week 2)
  • What will we die of? How will we die? (week 3)
  • Dying in a digital age (week 4)
  • Final reflections (week 5)

Dying2Learn is designed to enable participants to supportively learn about and contribute to discussions. Our facilitators guide participants in their learning, but students are viewed as co-contributors rather than just recipients.

Meet our facilitators

Our facilitators bring a depth of knowledge and experience around palliative care and social issues around death and dying.

Feedback from previous participants

Comment: "I now feel comfortable starting death/dying conversations with my family, and have started conversations as a result." Dying2Learn participant

Comment: "The course gave me exactly what I needed - a greater inner awareness and increased confidence to talk more openly about death and dying." Dying2Learn participant

Comment: "I loved the openness of everyone and the sharing of so many experiences, both personal and professional" Dying2Learn participant

Comment: "Participating in Dying2Learn was uplifting and inspiring as I shared stories. The more we talk about something we fear, the less we fear about it." Dying2Learn participant


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