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What's New on CareSearch

This section will keep you up to date with project news and changes in the website as they occur during 2016.  You can also check out What's New in the Community or sign up for Twitter alerts.

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Dying2Learn MOOC 
It's inevitable - we are all going to die ... so why don't we talk about it? Are death and dying changing in the 21st century? CareSearch is running a free Massive Open Online Course looking at death and dying in Australia. Join the conversation by signing up for our short course Dying2Learn. Dying2Learn has been created for the general public in Australia, but everyone is invited to join us.
Posted 19 May 2016

nurses[HUB]news - May 2016 (215kb pdf)
The May 2016 edition of the nurses[HUB]news is now available.
Posted 18 May 2016

ALLIEDhealth[HUB]news - May 2016 (268kb pdf) - Special Edition - MND
The May 2016 edition of the ALLIEDhealth[HUB]news is now available.
This months edition on MND includes case stories for each profession.

Posted 12 May 2016

PalliAGEDnurse app has arrived
The palliAGEDnurse app was released today to coincide with International Nurses Day! palliAGEDnurse is designed to support nurses caring for older Australian approaching the end of their life. The app’s content is based on materials developed for aged care workshops and learning modules within the Decision Assist Program. While education is important, nurses also need to be able to access knowledge when it is needed, and the app provides them with information where they are providing care - in someone’s home, in a residential aged care facility or at a general practice clinic. The app has an online-offline capacity and being web-based, it can be updated as new evidence and resources are released. The app was developed by the GATI staff from the CareSearch Project Team as part of Decision Assist Program.
Posted 12 May 2016

@CareSearch - May 2016 (248kb pdf)
The May 2016 edition of the @CareSearch newsletter is now available.
Posted 02 May 2016

Planning dementia care through case conferencing
Caresearch is hosting a new website lthat provides a step-by-step guide to facilitating shared decision-making and advance care planning for people with dementia approaching the end of life who are unable to speak for themselves. Resources were developed as part of the IDEAL Project, which was funded by the Australian Department of Health from 2012 to 2015.

New Web-Based Learning Resources
The following modules have been added to the web Based Learning Resources

 New blogs on Palliative Perspectives
A new series of blogs is looking at nurses roles and experiences in palliative care. Please also continue to share this blog with your colleagues and friends on Twitter, LinkedIn, via email, or wherever you spend time online.
Bereavement Costs of Care Searches
A new set of searches looking at the costs of care for bereavement and for grief and loss have been released. They use the costs of care searches identified through the review of existing tested economics search used to provide searches on the costs of care in palliative care. Bereavement costs of care search options include “General Costs of Care” and “Costs for Individuals and Families”.

Clinical Evidence Page Updates
The Bereavement and Grief page and the Abnormal Grief page in Patient Management have been updated.

@CareSearch - April 2016 (236kb pdf)
The April 2016 edition of the @CareSearch newsletter is now available.
Posted 05 April 2016

RAC[HUB]news - Autumn 2016 (507kb pdf)
The Autumn 2016 edition of the RAC Hub News is now available.

My Learning
These CareSearch online modules are designed to help people understand how to use CareSearch resources in their practice. They have been revised and updated to help make it easier to use evidence in practice. They are free to do and you can print off a certificate to use for your CPD.

ALLIEDhealth[HUB]news - March 2016 (417kb pdf)
The March 2016 edition of the Allied Health newsletter is now available.
Posted 15 March 2016

@CareSearch - March 2016 (396kb pdf)
The March 2016 edition of the @CareSearch newsletter is now available.
Posted 07 March 2016

nurses[HUB]news - February 2016 (240kb pdf)
The February 2016 edition of the nurses[HUB]news is now available.
Posted 17 February 2016

@CareSearch - February 2016 (269kb pdf)
The February 2016 edition of the @CareSearch newsletter is now available.
Posted 01 February 2016

Service Delivery Evidence Updates
The following pages on Service Delivery Evidence have been updated in the Clinical Evidence section.

ALLIEDhealth[HUB]news - January 2016 (496kb pdf)
The January 2016 edition of the Allied Health newsletter is now available.
Posted 14 January 2016

Palliative Perspectives
This blog has been established to provide Australian health professionals with a place where they can read posts from their peers across the health professions, particularly those with expertise and an interest in palliative care.
The first series of blogs have been written by health professsionals and focus on palliative care and GPs:

 Last updated 19 May 2016