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Round 3 Evaluation

Round 3 of the Local Palliative Care Grants Program looked at care planning. Thirty three projects were funded in this round to improve the use of care planning to support clients to remain living at home during end-of-life care.

The Centre for Health Service Development (CHSD) was appointed national evaluator of the Care Planning Sub-Program in September 2006. The framework for the national evaluation comprised three levels of data gathering and analysis by individual projects and by the national evaluation team:

  • Level 1: Impact on, and outcomes for, consumers (patients, families, carers, friends, communities)
  • Level 2: Impact on, and outcomes for, providers (professionals, volunteers, organisations)
  • Level 3: Impact on, and outcomes for, the system (structures and processes, networks, relationships)

The final evaluation report contains a series of recommendations which seek to highlight the lessons learned from the Care Planning Sub-Program, in terms of program management, as well as best-practice care planning, which are drawn from the aggregated lessons and conclusions of the 33 individual projects, as well as through the evaluation activities undertaken by the national evaluation team.

In addition there is a supplementary report providing details of the individual projects.

This page was created on 7 December 2009