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Indigenous Summary

Natures New Beginning by Jessica Scobel 2007

Nature's New Beginning donated to Daw House by artist Jessica Schobel 2007.
"New life always begins again after loss.
The twenty-one little white flowers represent the days I spent in Daw House with my grandmother. This painting was inspired by the love and friendship which grew during that time."

There is information on the CareSearch website that may be of relevance and interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to those who are looking after them.

This information is not displayed within the one area, but can be found across the website in different sections. It can be found in:

What is Palliative Care?
In this section there is information under the heading of ‘National Palliative Care Program’. The Indigenous Palliative Care Project gives information on the development of the Providing culturally appropriate palliative care: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resource Kit.

For Patients, Carers and Families
In this section for consumers, information is available under the ‘Specific Groups’ heading. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander page gives information on family, Aboriginal Health Workers, traditional medicine and a brochure that has been developed specifically for Indigenous Australians about Palliative care.

Finding Services
There is an Indigenous Resources section here. You will be able to find websites that are specific to Indigenous palliative care, as well as materials that can be ordered and links to national Indigenous organisations.

Clinical Practice
In this section for health professionals there is a section called ‘Specific Populations’. There is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander page that provides information and resources for those who may be caring for Indigenous people who require palliative care.

Professional Groups
This section of the website is also for health professionals. It contains a page on Aboriginal Health Workers that will be of interest to anyone from this professional group if they wish to find out more about working in palliative care.

Images shown on CareSearch

Visitors to CareSearch are warned that we may show images of, or have references to, deceased people. There may also be words or descriptions that could be culturally sensitive. This could upset some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; however CareSearch wishes no disrespect or distress to users of the website.

The images of two women of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, shown at the top of the patients’ pages are displayed with their consent.


If you are concerned about anything in the website or if you feel that something is missing in these pages, please contact CareSearch.

Last updated 13 August 2013*