Advance Care Planning Train-the-Trainer Guide

Advance care planning (ACP) is recognised as a cornerstone of person-centred quality care for older persons living in residential aged care facilities (RACF).

To provide quality end-of-life care in line with accreditation standards, it is recommended that each facility should appoint staff to be responsible to embed ACP as part of routine clinical care.

This ACP Train-the-Trainer Guide contains all the information needed for you to fulfil the role as an ACP Champion in your facility. Making ACP part of routine clinical care allows all residents to receive the support they need to make their future health care wishes known in order that their values, beliefs and wishes can be respected and honoured; thus improving end-of-life care in their place of choice.

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  • Each section below can be printed and placed together in a folder for easy reference
  • PowerPoint presentations and other resources are linked below and can be downloaded and saved locally. 



ACP Train-the-Trainer Guide Contents

(241kb pdf)

  • Copyright, Acknowledgements, Disclaimer
  • Table of Contents

This section contains copyright, acknowledgments and disclaimer information and the Table of Contents for the Guide.

Section 1


(295kb pdf)

  • About the ACP Train-the-Trainer Guide (the Guide)
  • What is ACP?
  • The role of the ACP Champion

This section contains background reading about Advance Care Planning (ACP) and the role of the ACP Champion.

It lists the components of the Guide.

Section 2

ACP Education resources

(3MB pdf)


This section contains information about the education program available to ACP Champions.

It contains material to conduct an ACP Champion workshop and activities to ensure ongoing mutual support and development for ACP champions.

Section 3

Delivering ACP training

(2MB pdf)

This section contains the resources that are needed to deliver short training sessions to staff in RACFs.

It includes PowerPoint presentations with notes, suggested teaching activities plus handouts for participants.

Section 4


(9MB pdf)

This section contains resources that may be useful to ACP Champions in their role in the RACF.

Section 5


(293kb pdf)

  This section contains the references used for the content of the Guide.


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