NIKI T34™ syringe pumps

This learning package has been developed for health professionals to develop skills and knowledge and ultimately demonstrate competency in safely setting up, commencing and providing necessary documentation for the NIKI T34TM syringe pump.

The package is relevant to all clinical settings – community, residential aged care and inpatient.


Important Information: NIKI T34TM syringe pump (3rd edition only)

The internal battery that runs the internal real-time clock depletes if the NIKI T34TM (3rd edition only) is not used for several weeks.

If this occurs, when the NIKI T34TM is next used, the following could occur:
  • The internal battery may be completely depleted, and the NIKI T34TM may display a 'SYSTEM ERROR' message on start-up.
    • Resolve this issue by restarting the pump. Once the pump has restarted, a 'SEND FOR SERVICE' message will appear. Press Green and white start button. This will clear the 'SEND FOR SERVICE' message and you can use the pump as normal.
    • Please read the Technical Bulletin (175kb pdf) for further information.


Components of the learning package

Online education module The online education module aims to educate health professionals about how to safely use the NIKI T34TM syringe pump. This module is not supported for use on a mobile phone.  Please complete using a PC or tablet. 
A practical handbook for health professionals: How to safely set-up, commence and provide necessary documentation for NIKI T34TM syringe pump (2nd and 3rd editions) infusions (4MB pdf) The handbook contains the essential information you need to know to safely set-up, commence and provide necessary documentation for NIKI T34TM syringe pump (2nd and 3rd editions) infusions. 
Setting up and commencing a NIKI T34TM syringe pump infusion with a new syringe: A step-by-step guide (3MB pdf) This illustrated guide explains how to start a NIKI T34TM syringe pump using a step-by-step approach.
Short training videos

Three videos illustrate some of the essential elements for ensuring safe delivery of NIKI T34TM syringe pump infusions:

Competency checklist: NIKI T34TM syringe pump (147kb pdf) This checklist describes the requirements for ongoing demonstration of competency for safe and effective use of a NIKI T34TM syringe pump.


Additional Resources

Additional resources to support the use of the NIKI T34TM syringe pump are available for: 


Printing Instructions for NIKI T34TM Subcutaneous Medication Infusion Chart
  • Document size: A3 (297x420mm)
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Full colour
  • 2-sided: short edge bind (open to top left)



Page last updated 27 January 2021