Motor neurone disease


The MND Aware training modules provide a basic understanding of motor neurone disease (MND) and the impact of MND on an individual’s life, including care, symptom management and wellbeing, and support needs of a person with MND. Available units:

  • 8 modules covering different aspects of MND and caring for people with MND:
    • MND 101: What is MND?
    • Person-centred care and MDT
    • Symptom Management, part 1: Swallowing, Speech and Communication
    • Symptom Management, part 2: Mobility, Insomnia, and Changes in cognition
    • Lost in Translation: caring for CALD people
    • Introduction to Palliative Care
    • Communication: active listening, finding words and losing fear
    • Unconscious Bias and Taboo: Listening to the unsaid (version 1) OR Travel with MND (version 2)

Brief self-test quizzes are provided with each module


Beginners to intermediate

Target audience

Specifically developed for health and community care professionals including:

  • community, home care, disability, and aged care workers
  • intake and referral staff
  • care coordinators and case managers
  • health, allied health, and palliative care professionals
  • volunteers, pastoral care workers and others who work with people living with MND


MND Care, supported by NSW Government Family & Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care and MND NSW.


A detailed and comprehensive, web-based awareness training course about motor neurone disease (MND), developed by Motor Neurone Disease NSW. This is an excellent training resource for services or staff who provide any kind of care for people with MND. It would also be valuable for students and volunteers.

There are 2 versions of the online MND Aware course. The first version includes a module on Taboos around MND, the second is identical with the first, but has a Travel with MND module instead of the taboo one.

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Yes (see website for details)

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Please contact Dr Sabine Krajewski, Team Leader Education and Carers ph. 02 8877 0917 or if you have any questions or need further information.

Last updated 13 August 2021