What is the Palliative Care Education and Training Collaborative?


PCC4U, PEPA and IPEPA collaboratively focus on education and training activities to support undergraduate and postgraduate health care workforce to learn more about a palliative approach to care. The projects do this through learning resources which can be embedded into education curriculum and workplaces. The projects also work across Australia to provide palliative care workshops and placements. Weaved throughout the projects is a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander palliative care which is informed with and by communities across Australia via IPEPA.

The projects optimise capacity of all of healthcare workforce through the development and dissemination of education frameworks and tools for health service and education providers. The projects participate in ongoing research and data collection activities to ensure they are meeting their targets and providing material to support a high quality and sustainable palliative care workforce.

PEPA helps health professionals to deliver palliative care by providing training in clinical placements in specialist palliative care services and interactive workshops.

PCC4U promotes the inclusion of palliative care education as part of all medical, nursing, and allied health undergraduate and entry to practice training, as well as their ongoing professional development.

Last updated 13 September 2021