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Health practitioners and services are facing new challenges each day with respect to an ever expanding information base and the requirements for accountable and effective practice. Patients, carers and families also have difficulties in finding relevant and reliable information regarding their health and care. For those working in or affected by palliative care, these issues can be more complex due to the care needs and wishes of those with a life-limiting illness and their families and carers.

CareSearch is an online evidence and practice resource about palliative care. It aims to provide a one-stop shop of information and practical resources that serves the needs of all providing palliative care or affected by palliative care. The project also offers an effective and efficient way of supporting access to evidence and the dissemination of information to support the translation of this evidence into practice and to prevent duplication of effort around Australia.

CareSearch will continue its role in the palliative care and health sector for the 2020-2023 period. We will continue to host and maintain the CareSearch and palliAGED websites and we will also be starting a new program of work designed to enhance the resources already available and to improve user engagement through a website restructure. Across the 2020-2023 period our focus for resource enhancement and development will include:

  • For community - development of resources to support normalisation of death and dying as a part of life and enhance support for specific population groups
  • For health professionals – re-development of the current GP Hub to embrace a broader context that recognises and reflects the multidisciplinary approach and central role of primary care in palliative care
  • For everyone – development of an evidence translation centre to assist with the uptake and application of research evidence in support of palliative care best practice

We are looking forward to continuing to work with other palliative projects and organisations and with individuals in finding, promoting and using palliative care evidence.

You can visit the CareSearch website at You can register for the monthly newsletter and/or alerts, order resources or make enquiries.

Last updated 29 September 2020