Patient / Carer Information

Toddler holding stethoscope to teddy's chestThis area is currently under development. There is an extensive list of family resources on the Paediatric Palliative Care Program (NSW) website.

If you are a parent/carer/family member with an interest in assisting to develop the family information section, please contact the palliaitve care service in your state.

There are children’s hospices located in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria  that offer a range of supports and services.

Some adult hospices can also support children and their families.  Your local Paediatric palliative care service may assist you with more information and assist you with options regarding location of care.

To find a hospice near you, please refer to the Palliative Care Australia’s Directory of Services

Page updated 20 June 2017

To find out more about your local PPCS team in your state, see below:

  • Western Australia: Princes Margaret Hospital, Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) will be the new home for staff and services from Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), providing specialist paediatric care for the children and adolescents of Western Australia. The PCH website/contact details are currently under development.